Chocolife was created in 2006, after a pioneering vision of the VRG Foods founder, Virginia Dias (affectionately called Vica), who has the idea to launch an innovative product on the market, with nutritional benefits and that was tasty. Our expertise is in the production of healthy chocolate and sugar-free chocolate, using cocoa from family origins, where love and respect is the main ingredient. Our chocolate is made in a sustainable way, without animal suffering, and preserving the environment. Our cocoa consume to manufacture the chocolate helps to preserve 1,980,000 meters of Amazon rainforest.

The Chocolate 67% Cocoa from the SuperFoods line brings a unique experience of flavor and nutrition.

The cocoa from Amazon origin is cultivated among the fruit trees such as cupuaçu, açaí, taperebá, andiroba, black peppers, and brings a completely different flavor to its terroir. The babassu mesocarp, which also has natural antioxidants, enhances the antioxidant effects of cocoa, resulting in a soft chocolate that awakens you to a journey of flavors.

The sugar replacement of this products was developed based on non-fermentable fiber and erythritol, adding a high-intensity natural sweetener, stevia. We use an especial stevia which explores only the sweet flavors of the leaf without aftertaste. We took care to select and balance the best ingredients to create our products so they could be safely consumed by who has irritable bowel syndrome.

Chocolife products are sold in Brazil.