NutriFoods Ltd (www.nutrifoods.ca) is happy to introduce happiGut whole plant prebiotic fibre.  happiGut is the ultimate superfood for normalizing digestion, reducing bloat and indigestion, maintaining bowel regularity, and supporting the microbiome.

The ultimate choice for a Low FODMAP prebiotic fibre

When an ideal diet of whole foods including fruits and vegetables is not always easy or achievable, happiGut offers the next best thing. happiGut PREbiotic bibre is derived from the sugarcane plant. After 95% of the sugar is removed, what remains is powerful PREbiotic fibre with whole food nutrients from the plant that are retained, making this a complete fibre to support digestive health and promote friendly bacteria in the gut. The plant is milled into a fine powder and is easily added to water, drinks, baking and foods. Nothing is removed and Nothing is added. No colours, flavours, preservatives, allergens, soy, sugar, dairy or gluten.

  • minimally processed, complete fibre.
  • bioavailable and nutrient densestraight from the plant in an easy and convenient powder form.

. happiGut naturally has Soluble fibre that helps with digestion and blood sugar and Insoluble fibre to soften stool and remove waste easily.

  • Fermentable/non-fermentable fibre supports a uniform fermentation rate and transit of nutrients through the entire colon.
  • Increases the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids, particularly butyrate providing energy for the cells lining the gut to reduce inflammation, absorb and transport nutrients and help combat disease.
  • Intrinsic and intact plant cell structure retains phytonutrients, vitamins/trace minerals
    and antioxidants, such as Chromium, Silicon, Selenium, Iron, Tricin, Antioxidants Polyphenols and Flavonoids.
  • Aids regularity, and blood glucose management
  • Well tolerated for food sensitivities (low FODMAP & Gluten Free)

Can be taken everyday, any time and does not interfere with medications or supplements