Otopia® team are on a mission; a Gut Healthy mission! – in fact it’s all they think about.

Bringing plant-based Protein Powders with powerful benefits to keep their community healthy, sexy and glowing.

Otopia® products are centred around maintaining a healthy gut, which we all know is no laughing matter, but they try to make it fun.

Otopia® began with an idea from three health-obsessed Aussie Women.

Having suffered with gut issues which had led to inflammation, they had been searching for a lectin free, gluten free & low FODMAP Protein Powder that was anti-inflammatory and gut healthy, but it simply couldn’t be found. That’s when they decided to do something about it. What started as a side hustle during the pandemic in 2020 has grown to be their number one focus.

Let’s get the good stuff in first.

Otopia® products are backed by wellness and science. Absolutely no nasties!

They have put tons of effort into making sure their Protein Powders are perfect, loaded with powerful ingredients;  and they’re happy to tell you all about it!

A Gut Feeling

As Hippocrates said many moons ago, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Otopia® have gone above and beyond to make sure their Certified FODMAP Friendly Products promote a healthy gutabundant with good gut bacteria.

They understand a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart & brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, effective digestion, and glowing skin; not to mention it helps prevent chronic disease.

Gut Health First.

Otopia® O’Fit protein is the ultimate gut friendly fitness partner.

Vegan • Low FODMAP  • Gluten free • Lectin free • Soy free • Non-GMO • Dairy Free • Sugar Free

Otopia® O’Fit Protein is available online www.otopiawellness.com