This easy to digest protein powder is great for sensitive stomachs, and is the best protein powder for digestive issues.

BENEFITS: LOW FODMAP APPROVED & GUT FRIENDLY: The low FODMAP diet helps provide relief from uncomfortable digestive symptoms, like bloating and gas. This diet is often suggested for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

FORTIFIED WITH PROHYDROLASE: The exciting new clinically researched proprietary digestive enzyme formulation which: Helps pre-digest protein so that amino acid levels in the bloodstream are up to 55 times higher compared to other leading protein enzymes on the market today. Can increase protein absorption by up to 3 times. Supports muscle building and improved recovery time. Helps ensure smaller, non-immunogenic protein peptides are formed which helps lower inflammation in the body as indicated by decreased CRP levels. Helps reduce discomfort such as gas, diarrhea and bloating which are often associated with protein consumption

MINIMAL LACTOSE & EXOTOXIN FREE: Uses Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) produced by microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This results in the purest whey available without the significant loss of protein fractions. WPI has the best Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Biological Value (BV) of protein available. This low FODMAP Protein Shake is naturally sweetened with Stevia and uses flavor systems guaranteed to be free of MSG and other exotoxins.

HEALTHY SHAKE: A high percentage of protein per serving, minimal carbohydrates, no fat, no cholesterol, and low sodium.

OTHER CASA DE SANTE PRODUCTS: At Casa de Sante, we sell the best gut friendly and low FODMAP certified products on the market, including seasoning mixes, salsa, salad dressing, and more. These products are lab tested and approved low in FODMAPs by the FODMAP Friendly Program in Australia, so you can eat with confidence.

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein isolate, cocoa powder, natural flavors, xanthan gum, ProHydrolase, monk fruit (Siraitia grosnevorii), salt, stevia leaf extract (rebaudioside A), sunflower lecithin.

SUGGESTED USE: Add 1 serving daily of low FODMAP Protein Powder to supplement the diet with additional protein or as directed by a healthcare professional. To make the best low FODMAP Protein Shakes, blend with a beverage high in carbohydrates and take between meals or before or after training. Consume low FODMAP Protein Shakes 20 minutes of blending to avoid flavor profile being affected by the ProHydrolase™ content.