The course is online and self-paced consisting of 10 modules with education delivered by 9 global FODMAP experts. The course is delivered on the education platform known as FutureLearn.  The modules include:

  1. Introduction & Overview of IBS Physiology and Diagnosis
  2. Assessing indications and Contraindications for the Low FODMAP Diet
  3. Nutrients at Risk when Following the Low FODMAP Diet
  4. Implements Phase 1 – Elimination Phase (Initial Low FODMAP Phase)
  5. Reviewing your Patient. Implementing Phase 2 – Challenge/Reintroduction Phase
  6. Liberalising your Patient’s Diet. Implementing Phase 3 – Maintenance Phase
  7. FODMAPS in Food. Distinguishing High & Low FODMAP Foods
  8. Dietary Management of IBS. Low FODMAP Diet Fundamentals
  9. The Low FODMAP Diet for Other conditions